Consistently number one for Pre-purchase Timber Pest & Building Inspections in Perth.

Our revolutionary ‘live from site’ reporting gives you the competitive edge when it comes to purchasing real estate in Perth. How? While other potential buyers are still waiting for their building inspection reports, you already have yours in your hand, emailed to your mobile device direct from site.


Why choose Total Home Inspections

  • Fully Registered Builder & Termite Inspections (no. BC101983)

  • Same day reports!
    Receive same day as the building inspection

  • Professional indemnity and public liability insurance included

  • Decades of onsite building experience

  • Exceptional customer service with clear and easy communication

  • Tradesman contact list supplied to fix defects found in reports

Stacie Mei
Stacie Mei
Knowledgeable, thorough and reliable building inspector, with the report provided on the day? Friendly and Inclusive too
Ewing Hong
Ewing Hong
Company came recommended. My experience: They went above and beyond answering questions I had that were not really their responsibility. Would recommend and would use their service again next time!
Clare McIlveen
Clare McIlveen
Exceptionally detailed Building and Pest Inspection. Ben was so helpful on the phone talking through the report including the urgency of repairs required.
Matt Winter
Matt Winter
Helpful, professional, timely - recommended
john hubbard
john hubbard
Thorough building inspection carried out. Raised a number of items I would not have been aware of if I had taken the cheaper inspection option. I was very pleased with the service given.
Steve Bolger
Steve Bolger
We contacted Total Home Inspections for our PCI inspection at short notice after our previous inspection company dropped out of contact. Total Home Inspections managed to work in with our timeline and we’re extremely pleasant to deal with. Kudos to Lauren and Ben for the administrative and scheduling side of things. Mitch performed the inspection and we were very impressed with the level of detail performed. We would not have picked on many of the points identified and we consider the whole process a great investment for the build quality assurance . Thanks Total Homes. I thoroughly recommend your services to other prospective clients Steve and Linda Bolger
Workmate Trailers
Workmate Trailers
Very easy to deal with, thorough inspection and very quick turn-around time to meet my time frame. Would highly recommend
grahame feletti
grahame feletti
Forget footy. THI gets our team of the year award. Their clear and honest advice on a 1963 property we liked helped us greatly. Their inspection reports were to the point (buyer-oriented) on priority repairs, and backed up by good pics (even under the house). They were emailed within 12 hours and staff were available for follow up questions and advice soon afterwards. Congratulations to this highly competent, down-to-earth team. Yep, thanks to your support we did the deed today! G&A, NSW.
k y
k y
Very easy to arrange for inspection and payment. Thorough inspections done even for base package. Thank you.
Damien Kerr
Damien Kerr
Speedy response, prompt & professional completion and thorough report. Thanks THI, great job!
  • About Total Home Inspections

    Total Home Inspections are Perth’s premier professional building inspectors providing building inspections Perth, including termite, maintenance, and pre-sale inspections for residential buildings in Perth and the surrounding areas.

    Let us take the stress out of home buying for you! You can rely on Total Home Inspections to meticulously inspect your property and identify any hidden problems which we will promptly notify you about using our live from site reporting system. We can also include, if requested, an estimate of how much it may cost to fix these issues and how they will affect your home over time, giving you better negotiation power on the price of the property.

    All our Building Inspection Perth reports are written by qualified and highly experienced consultants. The finished report is written in a format that’s easy for you to understand and provides both photographic and written evidence of any defects while identifying the contractors required to rectify them.

    About Total Home Inspections
  • Know What You Are Buying

    Buying a home in Perth is a massive investment, so it’s crucial to protect yourself from the risks of purchasing a home that may negatively affect your financial position later down the track.

    With that much money involved, it’s absolutely essential to conduct a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection before signing on the dotted line. Knowing the real value of a Perth property is not only important for buyers but for sellers also. Both parties need to know they’re getting and receiving a fair price for the property involved.

    Conducting independent Building Inspections Perth enlightens both the buyer and the seller of the property’s current condition, allowing the seller to list the property at a fair price and for potential buyers to calculate the cost of fixing any defects to remain within their budget before signing an agreement.

    Know What You Are Buying
  • Termite Inspections

    When buying a home in Perth, it really does pay to do your groundwork, particularly when it comes to Inspecting for Termite activity.

    By nature, Termites always work from the ground up and often the damage isn’t immediately evident, being hidden deep within foundation footings, wall frames, or even in the roof timbers. Often, by the time you notice them, significant damage has already occurred. Remember, home insurance doesn’t cover any pre-existing damage to the property you have just purchased, so you can forget about trying to claim for any termite damage or pest infestations after the fact.

    It’s essential to have your building inspection Perth conducted prior to the sale of the property. In most cases, once your offer/bid has been accepted by the seller, you can say farewell to any chance of having the building inspection carried out post sale.

    Termite Inspections
  • Building A New Dream Home In Perth?

    Building your new home is one of the most exciting journeys in life, which intensifies as your home nears completion.

    You start thinking about what fixtures to choose for the fit out of your property, what furniture to buy, how you’re going to style it etc. However, the most important thing you should be considering is if your new home is being built to the specifications and quality agreed to in the contract.

    Often, it’s only after the final handover stage that the problems within a property begin to get noticed. The issues that get uncovered can quickly become a major problem when trying to have them rectified by your Perth builder once the final balance of your account has already been paid.

    Stop your dream home from becoming a nightmare! Have Total Home Inspections conduct a Practical Completion Inspection and we’ll go over all the items listed in your building contract with a fine-tooth comb, giving you complete peace-of-mind before you’re given the keys to the home of your dreams.

    Building A New Dream Home In Perth?
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