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30 September 2020

The Importance of Using a Registered Builder for Your Building Inspection

When it comes to hiring a Building Inspector in Perth, how much of a difference does it really make whether your inspector is a Registered builder or not? Checking to ensure that your inspector has a registered builder’s license might be a lot more important than you first thought. Would you take the risk and bet your property on it?

What is a registered builder?

A “registered builder” is an individual who has studied and completed a Diploma in Building and Construction. They’re also required to have a seven years experience in carrying out or supervising building work constructing homes and need to provide evidence of this to the building commission. Using a registered builder is guaranteed to save you money, time, and resources.

A “registered building inspector” is someone who has studied a 2 day course and have been given a random “registration number” which has no connection to the building commission. There is no previous experience required to attend this 2 day course and there are now ex-mortgage brokers and ex-real estate agents completing building inspections in Perth even though they have never been in the construction industry. Would you risk the structural integrity of your home due to the inspectors lack of experience based on a 2 day “registered building inspector” course?

There is no governing body that states a Building Inspectors must be a registered builder in Western Australia, so it’s imperative that you ask if they’re a “Registered Builder” vs a “registered building inspector” and what experience they have constructed homes before making your choice. The cheapest quote normally means the inspector does not have the experience or qualifications which could potentially cost you thousands of dollars in structural rectification work due to the inspector lack of experience.

Advantages of using a registered builder.

You want a Building Inspector that knows everything there is to know about the materials used, the structure of buildings, and Western Australian laws & building regulations. A Perth Building Inspector that is also a registered builder can also give you a much more detailed report and can easily explain problems that they think are significant or need urgent attention.

When your Building Inspector delivers their report, you need to be able to understand everything and what it all means, even any non-significant issues. A registered builder with real-world experience will be able to give a precise and easy to understand report. They can also be extremely helpful, especially when they use their wealth of experience to provide recommendations on what needs to be fixed or replaced and with an estimated cost.

Registered builders are proven experts and have a wealth of knowledge and on-site experience in the construction industry which will result in a far more accurate and informative building inspection report for your home.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Perth

On the surface, most buildings appear to be structurally sound. The property probably meets many of the requirements you have for your perfect future home or for an investment property. However, looks can sometimes be deceiving, which is why it is imperative that you gain as much information as you can about the property before investing your hard-earned money into it. 

An experienced and registered builder will be the best-qualified person to assess the overall condition of the property, looking into things such as, the quality of the original build, compliance with Australian Standards, structural issues that have developed or are about to develop and if any pests are making their way into the home.

A registered builder will identify these issues for you so that any problems can be assessed giving you the ability to possibly renegotiate the settlement price and create a plan to rectify the issues before you move in.

Under Construction Building Inspections Perth

When considering a new build in Perth, it’s crucial that you obtain accurate and timely building inspection reports. A Building Inspector who is experienced as a registered builder will have, can provide you with the right information that you need to determine whether your new home is being constructed to the appropriate Australian standards and not just those standards of your builder.

If you’re investing time and money into developing a new property, you want to be certain that your investment is sound. Without the wealth of knowledge that an experienced, industry-registered builder brings, you could end up with a building that is not ideal for your needs or even worse still, ending up with a poor quality home that hurts your investment in the long run.