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Pre-Purchase Building Inspection - Structural & Premium

$350 or $495




Cost $350

This report is carried out in accordance with AS 4349.1 and concentrates on any structural faults within the building that have lost their intended structural integrity.

We inspect the following areas:

  • The building interior

  • The building exterior

  • The sub floor space

  • The roof space

  • The roof exterior



Cost $495

In addition to the areas we cover in our ‘structural’ inspection, we also inspect:

  • Electrical fittings, power points and light fittings

  • Plumbing fixtures and fittings, including vanities and sinks, baths, toilets and all taps

  • Appliances, including ovens, cooktop, rangehood and air-conditioning

  • RCD safety switches and smoke detectors

  • Stairs

  • Windows and doors

  • Insulation

  • Roofing, facia, gutters, downpipes, eaves and barges

  • Vents and skylights

  • Cabinets and benchtops to kitchen, bathrooms and laundry

  • Boundary fencing and retaining walls

  • Driveways and pathways

  • Surface water drainage

Items included from the structural inspection

  • The Interior of the building

  • The sub floor space

  • The roof space

  • The exterior of the building

  • The roof exterior

Buying a home is one big investment. So it makes sense to protect yourself from purchasing a home that may be a drain on your finances down the line. Ideally, before signing on the dotted line, arrange for a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection. Total Home Inspections takes the stress out of home buying. We identify structural problems and notify you about them, especially how much it costs to fix them and how they will affect your home over time, so you can negotiate a lower price for the property.

A well-defined, professionally-written Building Inspection report gives you peace of mind when buying property. It points out areas of concern like electrical problems and rotting window frames that many property owners try to conceal. Better yet, it helps you identify safety concerns that require immediate attention.

All Building Inspection reports are written by a qualified and experienced consultant who is registered to inspect buildings. The finished report is written in a style that’s easy for laymen to understand and provides both photographic and written evidence of defects while identifying the contractor required to rectify them. We carry out a thorough inspection before completing the report.

The cost of a Pre Purchase Building Inspection in Perth depends on the property’s size, type and location. Also taken into account is the type of inspection to be done. For instance, some inspections are done to establish the viability of reno work, while others are needed to note the existence of termite infestation. As a result, there’s no one-size-fits-all. At Total Home Inspections, we charge $350 for a Structural Inspection and $495 for a Premium Inspection.

Structural inspections cover the roof, subfloor and the building’s interior and exterior. Premium inspections cover everything else from plumbing, roofing and air-conditioning to electrical fittings, home appliances and outdoor structures. The purpose of each inspection is to identify major and minor flaws and safety hazards. When organising an estimate for repairs or renovations, our consultant will advise you on what’s suitable and if there’s any further cost.

Knowing the real value of a property is important for sellers and buyers to get the best deal. Sellers need to know they’re getting a fair price for their property and buyers need to know they’re getting value for money. An independent Building Inspection enlightens both parties of the property’s condition and allows potential buyers to calculate the cost of fixing defects before agreeing on a price.