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27 May 2018

When Is The Best Time To Get A Termite Inspection?

What are Termites?

A termite is a small insect that can cause devastating damage to your home or property. Without you even knowing, they may be silently hiding in your house or garden slowly destroying your most important asset! Termites get nutrients from cellulose, an organic fibre found in plant matter, including wood, paper and drywall. Unfortunately, all homes, regardless of their construction type, can provide cellulose food for termite infestation. Its pretty scary to think that these tiny little creatures can literally destroy your house from the inside out!

What is a termite inspection?

A trained termite inspector has the skills and knowledge to identify termite infestations. They can identify termite activity by inspecting the interior and exterior of the home including areas you rarely venture including the roof void and subfloor. This inspection will take approximately an hour but will depending on the size and structure of the house.

How does the weather affect termites?

Australia’s famous ‘barmy’ weather doesn’t always have its benefits. Termite colonies thrive in warmer temperatures. Although temperatures in winter are cooler, this does not mean the termites no longer exist. They simply slow down or lay dormant for a short period of time over the cooler months.

There is no ‘best’ time of the year to have a termite inspection. Simply ensuring a termite inspection is completed by a qualified inspector every 12 months (regardless of season) will help to minimise any damage that may be caused by an infestation.

How far can termites travel?

Heard your neighbour has termites? It’s a good idea to have an inspection straight away! These little critters can travel up to 80 meters from their colonies. Remembering that termites love wood and moisture, the original infestation could have come from anywhere e.g. a dead tree at the park down the road. It is difficult to identify where a termite colony began however their ability to travel demonstrates just how easily they can spread.   

Do I really need regular termite inspections?

A great majority of homes in Australia are at risk from a termite attack. It is a common misconception that termite inspections are only required when purchasing a house that has a few years ‘under its belt’. Yes, it is important to ensure a house you have purchased is free from all termite activity. However, once you have moved into a home, annual inspections are essential for early detection of termite activity. This can prevent the potential for large scale damage and expensive repairs.

Once termite activity is detected and the termites are exterminated, it is recommended that termite inspections are completed every six months, to ensure the termites do not recolonise.

At completion of a new home or the detection of a termite colony in an existing home a perimeter barrier is always installed. A perimeter barrier blocks any possible entries to the home from the nasty little critters. If the barrier is installed following the detection of a termite colony, the property remains low risk and inspections can be completed annually.

When it comes to termites, good things DON’T come in small packages. Given the enormous amount of money you have spent on purchasing a property, early detection of these powerful little fibre munchers is absolutely essential, possibly saving you thousands of dollars down the track.

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