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6 January 2021

The Power of Trust: How Building Inspections Promote Transparency

An independent building inspection by Total Home Inspections, is an objective assessment of your property, conducted without bias. It’s easy to be dazzled by a great location, coupled with an impressive façade and great décor. The importance of a thorough building inspection by third party experts cannot be understated in the decision-making process.

Some of the ways Building Inspections help to promote transparency are:

Provides independent, expert information to the Seller and the Buyer

Property sellers that wanted to cover up defects, water damage, and signs of pest activity could temporarily hide these issues with a little maintenance & paint right before a property visit takes place. Without the aid of independent building inspections, the buyer could potentially end up purchasing an unsafe property that could potentially cost them thousands of dollars in structural rectification work.

A Pre-purchase building inspection promotes information transparency between the buyer and seller by providing a comprehensive report on the condition of the property, negating the ability for unscrupulous sellers to hide any defects or hazards existing in the property.

Establishes level playing field from which to negotiate the contract of sale

Buyers and sellers can negotiate their terms regarding a property with identified building defects. For instance, in Western Australia, sellers are obligated to conduct repairs on any identified structural defects and/or plumbing and electrical issues before they can proceed to settlement. Depending on the size and scope of the repairs and the potential damaged caused, the information from an independent building inspector’s report assists parties to decide if the current contract is still suitable or if there is a need to re-negotiate the settlement price.

Without a building inspection, transparent negotiation would be impossible. Building inspection reports that contain a detailed list of recommended repairs and maintenance work is an essential tool to ensure the home does not further deteriorate.

Transparency based on independent and objective data includes many other benefits:

  • Better financial investment – Buying a home or a building is probably one of the largest financial transaction many people will ever undertake. Thanks to the power of building inspection reports on the negotiation table, you’ll end up with a better financial investment as a buyer of a new home or building.
  • Informed planning – A detailed inspection report that contains recommendations gives you the information you need to decide which repair specialists to approach.
  • Increased safety and security – Finding a surprise defect or safety hazard is not something we want to happen. With increased transparency, you’ll be prepared to meet these hazards head-on and prepare for ongoing maintenance or repairs.